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Insulation & Venting Services

Insulation saves over 600 times more energy each year than all of the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), Energy-Star Appliances and Energy-Star windows combined.

We do not just blow insulation in your attic we review and fix any ventilation, air tight issues, bathroom fan ducting, baffle vents, gable end vents, electrical fixtures recovering or any other issues – to make sure the job gets DONE RIGHT!

We use quality products like Roxul, Perfect Seal Weather stripping, Pro Pink to get the job DONE RIGHT!

Insulating your attic can be a challenging experience. The attic needs to be insulated to the correct R-Value, to achieve optimum energy efficiency and cost savings. Insulation is only one of three critical tasks in creating a functional attic. Proper ventilation and air tight sealing are also necessary. GNH Insulation services will ensure this is achieved prior to insulating.

Think! Check! Act! An insulation upgrade can help you improve your life with comfort and energy savings. Calgary’s interchangeable climate requires improved air circulation in your attic to warn off moisture issues like mold or attic rain. A poor insulation upgrade can cause more problems than good, Guns N Hoses Insulation Team uses the latest technology in thermal imaging to help get the job DONE RIGHT.

*** Insulating your attic is proven to be one of the most cost-efficient ways to save costs and energy in your home. The return on your investment is immediate.

Your roof and attic are a system that work together to create a healthy, comfortable living environment.

More Insulation Services

Insulation Removal

WE REMOVE old or damaged insulation. Removing old insulation like wood shavings allows us to free up physical space were space is limited allowing us to create a better R Value per inch. Additionally, removing a potential fire hazard.

Infrared Thermal scans

We are one of only a few insulation companies that use the latest in FLIR Thermal Imaging to establish insulation deficiency in your home. This a service GNH offers!!

Garage Insulation & Air Sealing

Insulating and air sealing your garage will not only provide shelter from the weather, but it will also help create a safer living environment for your family, by helping to prevent deadly gases from entering your home. The services we provide to achieve this are:

A sturdy insulation dam installed to the correct height and an air tight insulation attic hatch, is key factor in an efficient attic.

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