Guns N Hoses Konnect Service


Below The Roof Extended Warranty

As GNH expands its quality, integrated services, we now offer GNH Konnect Service. As you may not be aware there are limitations on how venting ducts can be re-attached from on the roof without access to attic. You would never know you had a problem until costly damage has occurred. Therefore, the majority of roofing companies cannot guarantee/warranty below the roof. They will only re-connect a vent duct exactly how it was connected on the old roof.

Guns ‘N’ Hoses pride themselves on being a company that is forward thinking, that builds it’s services around our customer’s needs and new techniques/services to reinforce the quality of our workmanship. GNH Konnect service allows us to fill a gap in roofing services offering an additional warranty below the roof, making sure the venting ducts are sealed and installed correctly to the fans or ceiling below.

Common Issues

With insulation of a new roof and extra products like ice water, your roof can be airtight sealed and water proofed better that it has been before. Therefore, adequate venting is crucial to allow the attic to breathe/vent, drying up any moisture that will occur in your attic. Poorly connected or damaged venting ducts from your bathroom will increase the moisture content in your attic and even then with extra roof vents can still lead to other severe moisture problems/damage.

Calgary’s mild winters due to Chinook weather changes can be great in the middle of winter but can also cause additional moisture issues, as the conditions change from minus 20 to plus 10. Any excess discharge of moisture from poorly installed ducts increase the whore frost that is attached to roof nails in the attic now melts causing ATTIC RAIN.

What’s included!

Basic Checks:

  • Air flowing correctly through duct – sometimes the flap can be seized between the duct and the fan.
  • Duct work correct length
  • Duct work attached correctly to roof vent with hose clamp & collar or ??
  • Duct work attached correctly to bathroom fan (i.e. clamp and tape)
  • Sealed around bathroom fan or not installed correctly (i.e oversized hole cut causing the fan to work harder
  • Some older non-airtight fans require vapor barrier covers – check to see if they are installed or require some extra sealant to patch up.
  • Insulation depths throughout attic – poor insulation depths can lead to additional moisture issues.
  • Adequate air flow throughout attic

A checklist and pictures will be completed during the process and then given to customer. Basic improvements will be done i.e. sealant, hose clamps etc… included in Konnect charge. Any other significant modifications like changes in your ductwork or vapor covers will be recommend or charged accordingly. Please contact for further information.

Also, included in your Konnect charge is a basic thermal scan, this will be done around your attic ceiling to check for any other immediate issues.

Warranty on Konnect will work inline with your current GNH roof warranty.

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